Résidence La Verrière

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The Residences La Verrière really have it all! Located on the South Shore of Montreal, our residences are open to everyone, both for seniors who are no longer able to live on their own, and for retirees who want to afford ease and comfort. Indeed, thanks to a team of qualified employees who have the well-being of residents at heart, whether they are autonomous or less autonomous, the services offered are entertaining, appropriate and promote quality and respect. Our senior housing is clean and accommodating to ensure harmony within our homes.

Exceptional services, directly from us!

We know how important it is to take care of yourself, which is why La Verrière retirement homes have set up useful and easy-to-reach services, such as the laundry room, pharmacy and hairdressing. name only those. In addition, activities of all kinds are organized for you by our volunteers, whether they are sporty or more casual, you will find what you need! In our homes for the elderly, entertaining you is a mission, which is why the activities implemented are relevant to your interests, based on making you socialize and have fun. Several events are also on the program, such as concerts and shows, to ensure memorable moments.

Quality of service: our priority!

With us, the quality of service is essential, just as your comfort and your well-being are our priorities, it is therefore with a staff made up of auxiliary nurses and patient attendants, among others, who will know how to give you a feeling unrivaled tranquility. Our retirement homes for seniors are certified by the ASSSM, the Agence de la Santé et Services sociaux de la Montérégie, and are proud members of the Regroupement Québécois des Résidences pour Aînés (RQRA). These certifications allow us to meet health problems of all kinds, with à la carte services personalized to your needs such as assisted clothing, escort service outside the rooms and many others, which allows us to stand out from other homes for the aged.

Family spirit

Our residences for independent or semi-autonomous seniors want to make you feel at home, which is why all the facilities are geared towards your well-being. Our meals are prepared directly from our kitchens, to provide you with premium quality food. Room service is available to provide you with added convenience and convenience. In addition, the premises are equipped with surveillance cameras and guards to ensure maximum security. The accommodations are equipped to provide you with immediate assistance in an emergency.

Why wait any longer?

At Les Résidences La Verrière, we want to take care of you. Our prices are suitable for all portfolios and all budgets. Several places are still vacant in our centers on the South Shore of Montreal before the start of winter, so take advantage of our warm welcome and get yourself the comfort you deserve! Combine the essential with the pleasant by calling us at: (450) 445-2060!